Thursday, April 01, 2010

Wow...I haven't posted in a super long time, mostly because I completely forgot about this thing. Anyway, my spring break is almost over, then back to school. But before that I have a TON of homework to do. I have to make 23 attack cards for debate, an intro for debate, math homework, science homework (maybe) and I think language arts homework which I probably won't do anyway. Past that I going to my grandma's house on Saturday, which could be fun. Oh, and this morning I had just finished the movie 2012 with John Cusack that came out last year, and I noticed something kinda strange. The movie about the supposed end of the world in 2012 (duh) which lasts ten days, from December 21 to December 31. So during this "end of the world" the Earth flooded and the human race built a boat and survived along with animals they brought with them. Now this got me thinking. See, I'm into Greek mythology and stuff, so when I thought about it, it sounded a lot like this one myth about a man named Deucalion, who is the son of a titan named Prometheus who stole fire from the gods and gave to the humans(prometheus means forethought). So as punishment, Zeus (kind of gods), has Hephaestus (forge god, and an ugly one at that) create a bride for Epimethues (means afterthought, in other words, he's an idiot), brother of Prometheus. This bride, Pandora goes down to Earth along with an accompanying box that contains the evils of man. Pandora is extremely curious, so she goes and opens it and makes the world crap, full of pollution and war and poverty and plain old horse doo-doo. So Zeus decides to kill the bad people by FLOODING THE EARTH FOR TEN STRAIGHT DAYS (sound familiar?) So Deucalion along with his wife, Pyrrha, build a big BOAT and bring all the ANIMALS on board to survive with them. And at the end of this flood, a NEW YEAR IS BORN and along with it, a new world. This all sounds just a little to coincidental to me. The Mayans predicted that the world would end on December 21, 2012 until the 31st of that month. At the end of the Mayans 13th B'ak'tun, the world is supposed to end, but what happens after those ten days? The surviving humans start over, technology destroyed, forced to be rediscovered, and those famous scientists start over as mere farmers. This got me thinking even more, because really, it was staring at me in the face. For thousands of years, humans were medieval, so to speak, fighting with swords and horses and catapults and farming and just, stupid. 0 a.d. to 500 a.d., men fight with swords on horseback, 500 to 1000, same thing, 1000 to 1500, SAME thing, 1500 to 2000...suddenly the world is advanced discoveries are being made, but why all of a sudden? 1500 years, maybe more, of pure stupidity and, suddenly, intelligence? But maybe it wasn't stupidity, maybe these ancient people had been as technologically advanced as us, but if they were how come no had known about it until we discovered it? This is where it relates back the flooding thing. After the end of the world, humans would start over, like I said before, so maybe disasters had befallen those before us. I was kind of obsessed with this game for awhile, Assassin's Creed 2, which is basically this huge conspiracy theory-thing. It had shown that the first civilization(gods and goddesses who were actually human, however I don't actually believe that) was extremely advanced. So I did some research in to that and came across a theory that there was an ancient atomic war. Evidence of this were radiation spikes coming from the city of Ragasthan, India, a city that has existed for centuries. What if that was it? What if there was a nuclear war that wiped out the Earth, and the remaining humans had to start over? What if the world became technologically advanced repeatedly, to the point of nuclear weapons, and then started a war and ended up killing all that technology and most of the life on Earth? We all know the end of the world is a load of garbage, but what if that's the year North Korea or Russia or somewhere decides to start a nuclear war with the USA, and then that, in turn, makes us start over? And then I thought, boy, all that from a movie?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

PS3 only post

You have a PS3? You don't? Well too bad for you.  Go play a WII or something.  Anyway, this is numero 2 post on the same day.  Yipee.  I am bored out of my head on a Sunday morning, and the only thing keeping me alive is listening to Tarzan. 
Alright, back to PS3.  There's a game, (when isn't there?) called Warhawk.  Are you WII people still listening? Take a hike.  Multiplayer only, Warhawk puts you in an endless war(Iraq, anybody?) between the Eucadians and Chernovans.  You can battle on maps in the Badlands, Archipalegeo, Eucadia(my favorite), Island Outpost(ehh...), Destroyed Capitol, and Omega Factory (for 8 bucks).  Onto the weapons.  WII people, get out! I'm serious.  PS3 ONLY post.  Look at the other posts.  Don't worry, I'll make a WII only Post some time.  Anyway, the weapons are as listed:

SR-1 Tactical Combat Blade: My favorite.  If you mock this knife, email me, tell me your warhawk username, join a Darthsquirrel game, and prepare to die.  You will most likely see me swinging one, as I might of mentioned, it's my favorite weapon!  It'll kill with one hit, so watch it!

Bradford & Cook UCP 10MM Service Pistol:  Blah.  Use something else!  Unlimited ammo and weak power= use somthing else!  Really that's all there's to it.

Model 18 Automatic Rifle: Good weapon, spawns quickly, good amount of ammo and power makes this an all around offense weapon.  
MPSTA/S-19 Man-Portable Radar Homing Missile:  I highly recommend this thing against warhawks.  They home in on them.  In the right spot, they can kill infantry, jeeps, and tanks, too.
SK-3 Sniper Rifle:  Honestly, you need an explanation?  HIt r3 to zoom, r1 to fire, kills with one shot- if you don't miss.  

Flamethrower, Man-Portable, Type 2:  I know, I've been lazy about weapons, but I'm bored.  This is a flamethrower.  Only works at short range.  Fires fire.

BU/AS Laser Target Designating Binoculars: Finally! Something good!  Hit r3 and you zoom in like the sniper rifle.  But, when you hold r1, you see a green beam. Turn it red, and, boom! Massive Explosion!

MK37 Frag. Grenade: It's a grenade.  I'm a master with them, but they're really simple.  l1 throws it, it explodes, instant death.  

Landmines:  Uhuh, uhuhuhuhuhuhuh!  Simple, but awesome!  You lay one, an enemy walks by it, boom, death.

I'm done.  No more writing.  Gotta go. Now. 
Nice color, huh?
Anyway, I completely forgot about this place, so I haven't been posting since 07.  So this is my first post of 08.  I've been experimenting with a not-too-new but still fun-PSP game.  Worms Open Warfare 2.  If you've ever played, the firing ranges seem blank, right?  So to make it fun, I set steel girders around desert tanks in space.  Stupid, right?  Well, then I hollow out the tanks with dynamite, bazookas, and blow torches.  Add dummies, and you got one party.  Unless you decide to die and use kamikaze (hey, I don't come up with the names), then, well, good riddance.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Theme song evolution youtube links

To go along with the words, I decided to show the links to youtube.
Original pokemon- youtube
johto pokemon- youtube
pokemon advanced- youtube
pokemon advanced challenge- youtube
pokemon advanced battle- youtube
pokemon battle frontier- youtube
pokemon diamond and pearl- youtube


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do you like Pokemon? Well, if you do, there's one site that has Serebii is named after the owners favorite pokemon, serebii. Which is Celebi in English. Anyway, the site has info on all the pokemon related games that ever came out in Japan and some that are not yet out in the USA, such as Pokemon mystery dungeon time and darkness explorations. Here's the link- Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pokemon theme song evolution

--- I wanna be the very best,
Like no one ever was (dun, dun, dun),
To catch them is my real test,
To train them is my cause,

I will travel across the land,
Searching far and wide (dun, dun, dun),
Each Pokemon to understand,
The power that's inside,
Pokemon! Gotta catch 'em (all)!

It's you and me,
I know it's my destiny,
Pokemon! Oh you're my best friend,
In a world we must defend,
Pokemon! Gotta catch 'em (all)!

A heart so true,
Our courage will pull us through,
You teach me and I'll teach you,
Pokemon! Gotta catch 'em all!
(Gotta catch 'em all!)
Pokemon! =D
--- Dodododo dododododo,
Dodododo dododododo,
Everybody wants to be a Master,
Everybody wants to show their skills,
Everybody wants to get there faster,
Make their way to the top of the hill.

Each time, We try,
We're gonna get a little better,
Each step, We take,
It's one more step up the ladder!

It's a Whole New World we live in,
It's a Whole New Way to see,
It's a Brand Place,
With a Brand New Attitude,
But you still gotta catch them all,
And be the best you can be!

Dodododododo, dodododododo,
It's a Whole New World we live in,
It's a Whole New Way to see (yeah!),
Its a Brand New Place,
With a Brand New Attitude,
But you still gotta catch them all,
And be the best you can be,
Pokemon Johto,
Pokemon Johto!

--- A kid from Pallet Town,
With a Brand New World to see,
Don't know what's ahead,
But it won't get the best of me.

There's battles to be fought,
And battles to be won,
I've Advanced so far,
And still there's always more to come!

Take a step and I'm on my way,
Gonna start all over again!

I wanna be a Hero!
Pokemon Advanced!
I'm on my way,
I wanna be a Hero!
Gimme just one chance,
And the future will decide,
If there is a Hero buried deep inside.

I wanna be a Hero!
--- Every trainer has choice,
To listen to that voice in side,
Though the battle may be long,
And winners maybe have come and gone,
I will carry on,

Yeah, this dream will last forever,
Yeah this will never die,
We will rise to meet the challenge every time,
(Advanced Challenge!)
Yeah this dream keeps us together,
And it shows that you and I,
Will be the best that the world has ever seen,
Cause we always will follow this dream,

--- Oh, I'm unbeatable...
Walking down this endless highway,
Nothing but my friends beside me,
We'll never give in, We'll never rest,
Advanced Battle is the ultimate test,

From earth, the land, the sea and sky,
They'll never win but they sure try,

Oh, I'm unbeatable,
Pokemon Advanced Battle,
Oh, I'm undefeatable,

From stars and the ancient past,
They come to play but they'll never last,

Oh, I'm unbeatable,
Pokemon Advanced Battle,
Oh, I'm undefeatable,
Pokemon Advanced Battle,

Oh at this battle I'm unbeatable,
--- Pokemon!
It's a battle; win or lose,
It's the friends you make,
It's the road you choose,

We've got the right stuff,
So make your mind up,
Find the courage inside of you,

If you're strong you'll survive,
And keep your dream alive,
It's the Battle Frontier, Pokemon!

Be the best you can be,
And find your destiny,

It's the master plan!
The power's in your hand!
---Pokemon! Pokemon!
It's about the challenges
it's a brand game and a brand new world
new rivals, as you fight for survival
nothing can stop you diamond and pearl


it's all about the battle
you gotta play smart
you gotta move faster
behind every win there's a chance to begin ( again!)
you gotta take it all if you wanna be a master!!

Pokemon! Pokemon!

it's time for adventure
diamond and pearl
we can change the world!



Ratatouille the video game is about the a rat with an amazing sense of smell, Remy. Remy's ambition for fine cuisine leads him to the streets of Paris. He later befriends and helps out a chef at Gusteau's, Linguini. This game requires an 8MB memory card. The main menu includes play game, witch is the main story line, options, to change things like difficulty and sound, replay tutorial, which is only available after you complete the tutorial on the main story line, and Gusteau's shop. This shop has a wide variety of items which are purchased with points you earn from completing missions. Inside the shop, the main menu has options that lead of to different menus. There's game modes, where you can buy things like single and multi player mini games, levels, where you can buy dream worlds, slides, cooking stations, and mini games. There's also concept art, movies, bonus art, and secrets. The secrets menu holds secrets that help you with the story line. The only code you need is code 17. It unlocks everything else. The is Gusteaucombo. Overall Ratatouille is an extremely good game for the whole family.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

How to Get Latios

On the right of Mauville, there is a patch of grass. It is the regular short grass, not the tall grass. It is the first patch of grass after the cutable tree. This does not always work.

Saturday, July 09, 2005



On lego star wars,when your playing Episode 2 Attack Of The Clones Chapter 1
Discovery On Kamino,after you see Jango Fett,on the other side of the hallway
there`s another door.Go into it.You`ll see some aliens working at a computer.Al-
so on the floor you`ll see about 16 circles in the formation of a square.2 of the
circles will be lighted up.Go on one and R2-D2 will go on the other.Keep doing
it until all the squares have been lit.Now the aliens will go on the circles and
dance.You`ll also get a mini-kit piece.

NPR : Deep Sea Sponges Are Master Builders in Glass

NPR : Deep Sea Sponges Are Master Builders in Glass

A deep sea sponge built this.I think that`s amazing!Do you think so?