Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Ratatouille the video game is about the a rat with an amazing sense of smell, Remy. Remy's ambition for fine cuisine leads him to the streets of Paris. He later befriends and helps out a chef at Gusteau's, Linguini. This game requires an 8MB memory card. The main menu includes play game, witch is the main story line, options, to change things like difficulty and sound, replay tutorial, which is only available after you complete the tutorial on the main story line, and Gusteau's shop. This shop has a wide variety of items which are purchased with points you earn from completing missions. Inside the shop, the main menu has options that lead of to different menus. There's game modes, where you can buy things like single and multi player mini games, levels, where you can buy dream worlds, slides, cooking stations, and mini games. There's also concept art, movies, bonus art, and secrets. The secrets menu holds secrets that help you with the story line. The only code you need is code 17. It unlocks everything else. The is Gusteaucombo. Overall Ratatouille is an extremely good game for the whole family.

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