Sunday, March 30, 2008

PS3 only post

You have a PS3? You don't? Well too bad for you.  Go play a WII or something.  Anyway, this is numero 2 post on the same day.  Yipee.  I am bored out of my head on a Sunday morning, and the only thing keeping me alive is listening to Tarzan. 
Alright, back to PS3.  There's a game, (when isn't there?) called Warhawk.  Are you WII people still listening? Take a hike.  Multiplayer only, Warhawk puts you in an endless war(Iraq, anybody?) between the Eucadians and Chernovans.  You can battle on maps in the Badlands, Archipalegeo, Eucadia(my favorite), Island Outpost(ehh...), Destroyed Capitol, and Omega Factory (for 8 bucks).  Onto the weapons.  WII people, get out! I'm serious.  PS3 ONLY post.  Look at the other posts.  Don't worry, I'll make a WII only Post some time.  Anyway, the weapons are as listed:

SR-1 Tactical Combat Blade: My favorite.  If you mock this knife, email me, tell me your warhawk username, join a Darthsquirrel game, and prepare to die.  You will most likely see me swinging one, as I might of mentioned, it's my favorite weapon!  It'll kill with one hit, so watch it!

Bradford & Cook UCP 10MM Service Pistol:  Blah.  Use something else!  Unlimited ammo and weak power= use somthing else!  Really that's all there's to it.

Model 18 Automatic Rifle: Good weapon, spawns quickly, good amount of ammo and power makes this an all around offense weapon.  
MPSTA/S-19 Man-Portable Radar Homing Missile:  I highly recommend this thing against warhawks.  They home in on them.  In the right spot, they can kill infantry, jeeps, and tanks, too.
SK-3 Sniper Rifle:  Honestly, you need an explanation?  HIt r3 to zoom, r1 to fire, kills with one shot- if you don't miss.  

Flamethrower, Man-Portable, Type 2:  I know, I've been lazy about weapons, but I'm bored.  This is a flamethrower.  Only works at short range.  Fires fire.

BU/AS Laser Target Designating Binoculars: Finally! Something good!  Hit r3 and you zoom in like the sniper rifle.  But, when you hold r1, you see a green beam. Turn it red, and, boom! Massive Explosion!

MK37 Frag. Grenade: It's a grenade.  I'm a master with them, but they're really simple.  l1 throws it, it explodes, instant death.  

Landmines:  Uhuh, uhuhuhuhuhuhuh!  Simple, but awesome!  You lay one, an enemy walks by it, boom, death.

I'm done.  No more writing.  Gotta go. Now. 
Nice color, huh?
Anyway, I completely forgot about this place, so I haven't been posting since 07.  So this is my first post of 08.  I've been experimenting with a not-too-new but still fun-PSP game.  Worms Open Warfare 2.  If you've ever played, the firing ranges seem blank, right?  So to make it fun, I set steel girders around desert tanks in space.  Stupid, right?  Well, then I hollow out the tanks with dynamite, bazookas, and blow torches.  Add dummies, and you got one party.  Unless you decide to die and use kamikaze (hey, I don't come up with the names), then, well, good riddance.